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LegumeWeb: World Database of Legumes on the WWW
LegumeCD: Northern Eurasia Database on CD-Rom
LegumeDisc: World Database of Legumes - Delivery Service
ImageBase: Images of European Vetches & Peas
Publications: Legumes of West Asia, Dryland Legumes in Africa, Phytochemical Dictionary, etc.

LegumeWeb : World Database of Legumes on the WWW

Do you want to find out basic, factual information about any legume in the world? Then LegumeWeb could provide the answer.

LegumeWeb is a service giving access via the WWW to the ILDIS World Database of Legumes. LegumeWeb offers the following features:

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Searching LegumeWeb

You can search LegumeWeb using any scientific legume name. Don't worry if you are unsure of a spelling. LegumeWeb allows wildcard searching!

The entry of a genus name will return a list of species in the genus.

The entry of a species name will take you directly to a page of information about that species. If you enter a synonym you will go directly to a page of information headed by the accepted name for that species. Some species names are ambiguous - that is the same Latin name has been used to refer to more than one different species. These names may be homonyms, misapplied names or pro-parte synonyms. LegumeWeb alerts you to ambiguous names, and allows each of the names involved to be selected individually.

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The Information You Get

Once you have entered a species name you will be taken directly to a page of information about that species.

The information that LegumeWeb provides for each species is of three types:

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Discover More About Your Chosen Species

LegumeWeb contains links to species in other databases. This means that once you have looked at the information the World Database has for a species, you can choose to find out more about the same species in a number of other databases. There is no need to re-enter the species name; you will be taken directly to the correct location in your selected database. Databases currently linked up to LegumeWeb in this way are:

Click here to search LegumeWeb

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LegumeCD: Northern Eurasia Database on CD-Rom

The ILDIS "Legumes of Northern Eurasia Compact Disc" was created at the Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia. The CD was compiled by Yu R Roskov, A K Sytin, G P Yakovlev (botanical data) and S A Jezniakowsky (software) from 1997-98.

Information contained within the database "Legumes of Northern Eurasia", published as hard copy by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (1996), was taken as a basis for the CD. During the two years following the books publication the authors accumulated a large amount of changes and additions, and the necessity arose to prepare a new edition. The CD comprises this new, revised and considerably enlarged, edition. In addition to this the CD contains the following:

The ILDIS Northern Eurasia CD-Rom covers the area formerly known as the USSR and Mongolia. It is now made up of the following states: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belorus, Estonia, Gruzia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgizstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

Further Details about the CD-ROM

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LegumeDisc: World Database of Legumes - Delivery Service

LegumeDisc provides you with your own copy of the World Database of Legumes on disc.

How Does LegumeDisc Differ From LegumeWeb?

You can incorporate LegumeDisc into your own data system, access it directly using dBase, Paradox etc, or run it with ALICE or other taxonomic software. You can use it for the following purposes:

- as a baseline on which to build your own ecological or natural products database.
- to fill the checklist component in your own pharmaceuticals, agricultural germplasm or botanic garden data systems.

In addition you can search LegumeDisc using specified criteria. For example, you may wish to download or extract subset checklists for given countries or for all those taxa that are used medicinally. You can only search LegumeWeb using genus or species names.

Depending on your needs, you may select:

LegumeDisc is an annual subscription service available from the ILDIS Co-ordinating Centre. Each payment brings a new edition of the database, plus a licence to use the system for a further 12 months. Different subscription levels apply to organisations proposing to use the data for their own staff at one site, or at several sites/ partners/ subsidiaries or for public service providers. ILDIS sends diskettes and supporting documentation, including precise edition number. User-support is available by email.

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ImageBase: Images of European Vetches & Peas

We are in the process of assembling a gallery of paintings and drawings of European species in the legume tribe Vicieae.

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ILDIS Regional Checklists (Africa, West Asia, etc.)
Dryland Legumes in Africa (Booklet)
Phytochemical Dictionary of the Leguminosae (2 Volumes)

Those with prices (£ = GBP = UK pounds sterling) are available from the ILDIS Co-ordinating Centre. Prices include postage and packing.

The "ILDIS" series of Regional Checklists is published by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew:

Legumes of Malesia - a check-list
J.M. Lock & C.S. Ford (20XX)
Legumes of South Asia - a check-list
S. Kumar & P.V. Sane (20XX)
Legumes of Northern Eurasia - a check-list
G.P. Yakovlev, A.K. Sytin & Y.R. Roskov (1996)
Legumes of Indo-China - a check-list
J.M. Lock & J. Heald (1994)
Legumes of West Asia - a check-list
J.M. Lock & K. Simpson (1991)
Legumes of Africa - a check-list
J.M. Lock (1989)
Dryland Legumes in Africa - Food for thought
S.K. Huxham, B.D. Schrire, S.D. Davis & H.D.V. Prendergast (1998)
This richly illustrated booklet contains descriptions of a selection of poorly known legume food plants from sub-Saharan Africa, together with notes on their use as food in different countries.
View sample page
Phytochemical Dictionary of the Leguminosae
ILDIS and Chapman and Hall Chemical Database (1994)
(out of print)
The dictionary contains more than 27372 phytochemical records in 2936 Legume taxa. Synonyms of plant names and chemical names are included, together with an extensive bibliography.
View sample page

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