ILDIS LegumeWeb server

This ILDIS home page is located on a 386 PC, housed and made available for ILDIS by Michael Dadd and Georgina Mackenzie at BIOSIS UK in York. They also registered our domain name for us. Thanks to BIOSIS UK for this sponsorship and their help in many other ways.

However, most of our pages are now located on a 200MHz Pentium server run since July 12th 1998 by the School of Biological Sciences in the University of Southampton.

The LegumeWeb service is using the Apache Web server running under the Red Hat Linux 5.1 operating system, both of which are free software. This combination is approximately ten to fifteen times faster than the Silicon Graphics Indigo we started to use on October 31st 1995.

This is an experimental service. We will improve the database access software as its patterns of use become clearer.

The WebMaster is Richard White. Any views expressed in these pages are not necessarily those of BIOSIS UK or the University of Southampton.
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Last edited on 12th July 1998 by Richard White.