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This World-wide Web ("Web") page explains the basis on which all ILDIS digital Materials (text, images and data) are made available on the Internet for use by you (the "User"). The "Materials" include those on, in the same directory as, or available by use of the Web pages created or maintained by the International Legume Database and Information Service ("ILDIS") or its agents on this or any other Web server, including the ILDIS World Database of Legumes (the "Database"), and including authorised and unauthorised copies of these materials.

Copyright © ILDIS

The Materials are protected by copyright and by the laws governing intellectual property rights. All rights are reserved. Copyright in the Database belongs to ILDIS. Copyright and intellectual property rights pertaining to the other Materials belong to ILDIS unless otherwise stated.

Terms and Conditions

ILDIS grants permission for the use of the Materials over the Internet and to view, copy, print and distribute Materials subject to the following conditions:
  1. Use of the Materials is for educational, scientific and non-commercial purposes only;
  2. ILDIS is acknowledged as the source of the Materials;
  3. Any copy of the Materials or portion thereof must include the above copyright notice along with this permission notice and conditions;
  4. Under no circumstances may copies be made in any medium for sale;
  5. No Materials may be modified in any way;
  6. Copies of the Materials are not made available from other Web sites;
  7. ILDIS grants permission to download graphics and images for viewing only, and the reproduction of graphics and images, including the making of electronic copies, is prohibited without the express prior written agreement of the ILDIS Directorate; and
  8. No attempt is made to obtain through the Internet a complete copy or a substantial part of the Database.

Use of any of the Materials for profit or for purposes which are non-educational and non-scientific or otherwise excluded by the conditions above is prohibited without the express prior written agreement of the ILDIS Directorate. To apply for permission, please contact ILDIS. Details of electronic and postal addresses and telephone and fax numbers can be found below or by using the "Contact" button.

Note that the Materials may be the subject of patents or other intellectual property rights owned and reserved by ILDIS, and are not licensed hereunder.

ILDIS asserts its ownership of and right to use its logo and the names "ILDIS", "World Database of Legumes" and "LegumeWeb", among others.


By using the Materials or by accessing the Database you accept these terms and conditions and accept a legally binding agreement under English law with ILDIS (the International Legume Database and Information Service) at its offices in the School of Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences Building, Bassett Crescent East, Southampton SO16 7PX, United Kingdom. Under this agreement, ILDIS grants you a non-exclusive licence to use the Materials, subject to the terms and conditions stated herein and subject further to all other terms and conditions which ILDIS shall publish from time to time.

The terms of this Agreement may be modified by ILDIS at any time and shall be effective immediately upon notice. Such notice will be published on the Web within the Materials. Your continued use of the Materials after publication of any modification shall be an acceptance of such modification.

Limitation of Liability

ILDIS makes no warranties or representations of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and of non-infringement. ILDIS does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy or adequacy of the Materials or links provided in the ILDIS pages. In no event shall ILDIS be liable for any incidental, consequential or other damages including without limitation exemplary damages or lost profits, even if advised of the possibility thereof, arising out of or in connection with this agreement or the use of the Materials.

ILDIS shall not be liable, or deemed in default of this agreement, for any delay, failure in performance or interruption of the provision of the Materials resulting directly or indirectly from any cause or circumstances beyond reasonable control or from any change in ILDIS policy or practice.

You, the User, assume all responsibility for your use of the Materials and agree to indemnify and hold ILDIS harmless from any liability or claim of any person or organisation arising from your use of the Materials.

Changes and corrections to the Materials

ILDIS maintains these Materials to enhance public access to information about legumes and to provide information about ILDIS. Our goal is to make this information as complete and accurate as possible, but the Materials may contain typographical errors, technical inaccuracies or errors of fact. If errors or omissions are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them.

ILDIS may make changes to the Materials at any time without notice and without obligation to update the information contained in the Materials.

Some of the Materials might contain references or links to information maintained by other organisations. Please note that we do not control and cannot guarantee the relevance, reliability or accuracy of these outside materials.

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