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LegumeWeb page loading:  please wait LegumeWeb is a service giving access to the ILDIS World Database of Legumes.
Please note that at present we are testing this service. Facilities may be altered without warning. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. Contact details are given at the bottom of the page.

This is the LegumeWeb long form. If this forms looks too complicated, there is also a simple form which allows you to specify just the binomial (genus and species name).

Genus species

One or more asterisks ("*") may be used to match parts of a name, for example "A*a" will match "Acacia" and "Alexa" but not "Arachis". If the genus or species is left blank (equivalent to "*" on its own), all genera or species will be searched.

Search for up to matching names, including synonyms.
As above, then search for and report only the names currently accepted by ILDIS.
As above, then fetch the data held by ILDIS for a taxon.

When you have specified your search, click on this button:

all fields to default values

Optional specifications

Additional criteria for matching names

(if left unaltered, all species names will be found, including synonyms, misapplied names and orthographic variants)
Authority: (only the authorities for specific epithets are searched)
Rank of name: (if blank, names with any rank will be found)
Infraspecific epithet: (may be a subspecies or a variety name)
Status of name: (if blank, names with any status will be found)
ILDIS name number: (for specialised uses)
Alice taxon number: (for specialised uses)

Data types to be reported

If data is requested, report the following kinds of information for the taxon:
Accepted name, as used by ILDIS
List of synonyms
List of vernacular (common) names
Geographical distribution: continents, countries and sometimes smaller areas
Habitats (for Africa only at present)
Miscellaneous data (habit, lifespan, conservation status, ILDIS taxonomic source and coordinator)
Links to the bibliography (not active at present)
Link to TROPICOS nomenclatural database
Link to WDCM rhizobia database

LegumeWeb mode
Species 2000 mode

When you have specified your search, click on this button:

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